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Paired Paws

Paired Paws

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Dedicated to the care and adoption of bonded pairs

Paired Paws is a shelter organization, based in Colorado Springs, that is dedicated to the adoption of bonded pairs of dogs. Bonded Pairs of dogs are two dogs who have formed a close relationship with one another, when separated their happiness and health declines. For bonded dogs, it is hard to find a forever home, shelters have started to separate bonded pairs of dogs when they come to the shelter.   

No one likes to see a family broken up, and that’s what Paired Paws is here to prevent. Paired Paws will raise awareness of the benefits of keeping a pair together. 

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Find Your Perfect Pair

Paired Paws' website allows you to meet the doggy duos that are up for adoption, learn about the organization, adopt, and shop!

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It's like a dating app...
but better

Paired Paws hosts adoption fairs are local dog parks to give people the opportunity to meet the pairs. At the adoption fairs, patrons are encouraged to use the Paired Paws app. Fill out the form and you will matched with pairs up for adoption. Read there stories and learn the personalities. Once you select the pairs you would potentially like to adopt by taping the heart icon, you can set up a meet and greet time


Socks come in pairs, just like our dogs

To help support the shelter, Paired Paws has an online store that can be reached through their website. Sticking with the theme that "two is better than one" all merchandise are objects that come in pairs, like socks! You can also purchase dog supplies for two-for-one deals.

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