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Elimination of Intimidation

ConFITdence provides instructional diagrams and workout plans that cater to you and your university’s gym. As well as providing a social platform to share workout experiences and support your friends. ConFITdence makes it easy to find a friend to hit the gym with by recommending Gym Buddies who are around your level of experience, making the gym all that more comfortable.


From Complicated Machinery to Simplified Icons


Share Workouts and Support Friends

A designated platform to share on your workouts and motivated yourself and friends


Customized Workouts

Based on your physical activity and resources at your university's gym, ConFITdence will create a routine built just for you


Perform with Confitdence

With easy to understand diagrams, there is no more questioning whether you are performing a workout correctly


Track Your Progress

A summary of each workout is created once complete, with total weight lifted, calories burned, and what muscles you worked. ConFITdence keeps a record of your workouts. You can visit old workouts and visually see your progress.


Find Your Swol Mate

Working out with friends can be an excellent motivator. ConFITdence recommends gym buddies based on workout routines you complete. Don't see someone? No problem, search them and request a date and time to hit the gym together


Speaking Their Language