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Mini Size.
Massive Capabilities.

As part of the Baja SAE competition, teams pitch their vehicle to a board of judges acting as investors. RIT Baja's prototype vehicle for this is the Banshee, an off-road emergency response vehicle. Described as high quality, affordable and rapidly deployable, the Banshee enables first response teams to effectively reach those in need of assistance. 



On the Web

Banshee's website makes information about the company and it's products easily available to potential investors and buyers 


Highlighted Features

See what makes the Banshee highly effective when it comes to disaster relief, as well as additional features that can be added on to each model


Who They Are, Where They've Been and Where They're going

Learn about Banshee's core values,  where their services have been successfully used and where you can see videos and demonstrations of the Banshee in action